Gencer Özcan “Mavi Marmara Bunalımında Sonun Başlangıcına Doğru”, Ortadoğu Analiz, Eylül 2010, Cilt 2 – Sayı 21, ss. 29-38.

Towards the Beginning of the End in the Mavi Marmara Crisis
Having reached its climax in mid nineties, Turkey’s alignment with Israel had corresponded with a set of conditions and necessities that both countries strived to meet. By the 2000s, the very conditions under which the alignment took root and the needs for which the military agreements were geared still seem to have remained relevant to sustain the alignment.The way the Flotilla Raid crisis unfolded highlights that the alignment has been perceived as part and parcel of the regional stability. Despite the Arab street’s enthusiasm about the JDP government’s initial reaction to the raid, the response to the crisis received from Arab palaces across the Middle East was calm and measured focusing on how to avoid further deterioration between Ankara and Tel Aviv. Bearing in mind the future contingencies, Washington’s good offices to patch up relations proved to be decisive and indicated the degree of importance it attached to the alignment.